Relieve the Tension

You know that skin tension on closure sites can contribute to poor healing or scarring. The Brijjit® force modulating tissue bridge is uniquely positioned to relieve tension. We think once you try it, you'll be floored by the results. Namaste!

Relieve tension around the incision with Brijjit®






While medical technology has made extraordinary advances over the last 100 years, approaches to scar prevention have changed very little. Now, clinicians are beginning to realize that closure and scar are one and the same – the only difference is the point in time for the patient.

Working within this principle, we believe that healing should begin right away. And one way we can mechanically assist healing is through tension reduction.

Brijjit is a force-modulating tissue bridge designed to relieve the tension to support beautiful healing for your patients

Why we created BRIJJIT

Helping your patients heal fully is your #1 priority. But heal beautifully?

As a plastic surgeon, I was often frustrated at how some incisions would scar while others healed seamlessly. I found that in many cases, tension was the culprit. No matter how well I closed the wound, tension would cause the body to seal the gap with a haphazard jumble of collagen instead of a strong, pleasing collagen latticework.

After years of research and multiple iterations, Brijjit was born – an easy to use device for wound closure and support that eliminates the tension that leads to scarring.

Felmont F. Eaves, III, MD, FACS
Founder of Brijjit Medical

Why us

Our team of scientists, engineers, creators, and inventors is here to transform the way an incision heals and the way doing business feels, because we believe that to achieve better, more beautiful results, you need to do things differently.

Learn more about our team and our philosophy.

What Makes BRIJJIT Special?

  • Immediate tension reduction during and post-wound closure
  • Provides wound support for better tissue healing
  • Comfortable to wear, with a low-profile design & a wide range of motion
  • Adheres to skin for up to 2 weeks, thanks to a medical-grade acrylic pressure-sensitive adhesive
  • Can be reapplied routinely for longer term support

“If all of my patients get these results,
I’ll be the happiest plastic surgeon you know.”

Dr. Julie Ferrauiola, MD,

Plastic Surgeon, Englewood, New Jersey

Help your patients heal beautifully with this
transformative tension reduction solution